ADCE: Password Expiration Notification

Default Domain Policy, specifically the Password Expiration policy, can cause resource access issues to VPN users who typically login with cached credentials. When their password is about to expire, they do not receive password expiration notification, which ultimately results in their account being locked out. This typically gets resolved by the users having to call the help desk to have their password reset, thus adding to the help desk cost. This translates into lost productivity and potential disruption of services to business users. Although sending EMail notifications is an option, it is not as effective solution. The users learn to treat it as spam and start ignoring such repetitive messages.
SYNERGIX ADCE software allows VPN connected users, even those using BYOD, to change their domain password seamlessly; there is no need to make any exception to the domain password policy or to apply fine-grained password policy. The users’ login behavior remains the same so no special instructions need to be provided to them. Upon establishing VPN connection to the corporate network, users are presented with a password change notification and then, with a secure form to change their domain credentials. The cached credentials are immediately synchronized with domain credentials and user continues with their normal business activities and without having to call the support desk.
VPN Client Agnostic

Software works with all VPN Client software, including SSL-based VPN solutions

Notification Options

Choose between Windows Notification method or SYNERGIX form based notification method

Password Policy Enforcement

Frequent password expiration notifications help suppress support incidents.

Credentials Synchronization

Updated domain credentials are immediately synchronized with cached credentials.

BYOD Support

Users accessing network resources from untrusted domains are notified of password expiration.


The solution is implemented without using GINA letting it seamlessly operate with 3rd party solutions.

Offline Notifications

Password expiration notification is displayed even when the computer is off the corporate network.

Fine-Grained Password Policy

Users who have fine-grained password policy will be notified per the effective password policy

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