Microsoft LAPS stored password exposed!

Using specific methods, Network Trace shows captured ms-Mcs-AdmPwd value, which is major concern. On the right, LDP shows legitimate read operation.
Microsoft LAPS versus feature rich Synergix ADCE

Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attacks against the Windows operating systems are becoming common. Microsoft wants organizations to assume that a breach has already occurred in order to highlight the need for a more mature defense. This article helps organizations plan their strategies for a more effective defense against pass-the-hash attacks.

With AD Client Extensions software installed, the Local Administrator Password is system generated and unlike Windows LAPS, it is stored in Active Directory in encrypted form. No AD Schema Changes are required, and password can be stored in custom application partition thus allowing control over the replication to specific and physically well secured DCs. Passwords are validated regularly and reset to maintain their integrity. Only designated administrators are allowed to decrypt the password strings.

The feature was first launched in ADCE 2012 and has matured significantly over the past years making it a proven solution for large enterprise customers.

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The Ultimate Windows Extensions

Non MAPS* related features
Multiple Account Password Solution

Multiple Account Password Solution

Managed Accounts

Azure AD Domain Services

No Active Directory Schema Changes

Centralized Auditing

Strictly follow Principle of Least Privileges
Domain Admins exclusion

Encrypted Password

Unique Encryption Key

Limit Replication Scope using Application Partition

Store data in other objectClass ex.associated Device object

Password Masking

Tamper resistant password

RDP to target by masking username and password

Rename Local Administrator Account regularly

Rename Backup (non S-500) Admin Account regularly

Confidential Attribute without Schema Extensions

Require input of business reason before retrieving password

Password Aging after checkout

Windows 7.0 SP1 to Windows Server 2019 support

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Support

Strategic Solution


Builtin Administrator only


Builtin Administrator, Backup Administrator, Local User

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